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Chalmette Food Delivery

Stay in and let us take care of lunch today, or dinner tonight, by showing you why our Chalmette food delivery service has many advantages. We can pick up and deliver food to all cities in St. Bernard Parish.

Why choose Trans-Plus, Inc. ( to pick up and deliver your meal?

  • You get to sit back and relax.
    Whether you’re at home or work, there’s no need for you to stop what you’re doing.
  • Take advantage of Pickup Only Specials.
    Pizza places often have Pickup Only Specials which are far more inexpensive than ordering from their delivery menu.
  • We can pay for your meal, upfront, then you reimburse us.*
  • Delivery can be expensive and unreliable.
    In addition to delivery fees which don’t go to the driver, most places charge more for the items on their delivery menu than they would if you came in to eat. When you add up the delivery fee, inflated menu prices and tip for the driver, you’re likely to pay substantially more for your meal than had you chosen us. On top of that, often times delivery drivers are delivering more than one order at a time. This can lead to your food becoming cold. When you hire us to pick up and deliver your food, you’re our only customer and top priority.

To place a a food delivery order with us, we recommend calling us first with your restaurant choice. and whether or not you will need us to pay for the food. Some places will allow you to pay by credit card after you place your order. This is the preferred method. We can pay for the food for you, but that will need to be paid back to the driver, in cash, along with the fee total from the meter. The taxi meter starts running only after we arrive at the restaurant. The meter stops when we arrive at the final destination.

*If our driver pays for your food and is not reimbursed, you will be added to a list. Additionally, the authorities may be contacted as this could be considered theft. Your order is a verbal contract. This list is of people and addresses we will no longer provide service for. You will also receive a bill in the mail.