Press Release

Dissatisfied with your current options for taxi and courier services? There’s great news for the residents and businesses of St. Bernard Parish. Trans-Plus, Inc. will be bringing nearly 20 years of transportation excellence to your parish.

CHALMETTE, Nov 01, 2013 – Confidence is what Trans-Plus, Inc. delivers. From taxi service, to courier service, and beyond, Trans-Plus, Inc. is there for you; on-time, every time.

Since 1998, Trans-Plus, Inc. has been the trusted and reliable transportation provider for the medical and legal industries of the New Orleans Metropolitan and surrounding areas. Today, we’re based right here in Chalmette, LA. Trans-Plus, Inc. has seen, firsthand, the increasing need for a reliable taxi service. Residents and Businesses of St. Bernard, you now have it!

In addition to standard taxi service, courier, hotshot, and food pickup and delivery services, are just a few ways you can experience our unsurpassed reliability, professionalism and courteousness.


Dena Nuessly, GM

David Nuessly, Owner
(504) 628-4215